Aquaponic Components


The components in an Aquaponic System are the gears that drive your natural “aquasystem”. Built to mimic nature itself, your Aquaponic Pumps are the current in a river, Aquaponic Grow Media can be likened to the soil needed to grow plants, as well as acting as a natural bio-filter.  All our components are tried and tested to provide the best possible system suited to your needs.



Aquaponic Grow Beds


Your Grow Bed can be considered as the centre of the Aquaponics System as it performs many important tasks. Most importantly it acts as a Bio-filter, collecting and processing the ammonia and solid waste from the fish. After which it returns clean ‘detoxed’ water back to the fish. Secondly you are rewarded with an excellent produce of fresh veggies through the intake of nutrients and nitrates during the ‘water cleaning’ process. We recommend putting careful thought into this Aquaponic Component as several factors need to be considered:

  • Depth ( we recommend 30cm)

  • A length and breadth to provide a sufficient surface area for plants, together with the depth to provide a sufficient volume. The more volume, the better your Bio-filter can stabilize waste. The volume also affects temperature and pH levels.

  • Together with the 30cm Grow bed Depth we recommend using flood and drain cycle with 2cm drainage gravel. Ensuring an even distribution of water, nutrients and air throughout the system.




Aquaponics Fish Tanks

Our primary concern while designing our Fish tanks was quality. Our fish tanks are designed while keeping the harsh African Climate in mind and are estimated to last 10 years. We have kept the following in mind:


  • Safety regulations, our fiberglass containers are safe from toxic elements for your fish and you.

  • SA manufacturing, we are proud to be utilizing our Countries supply of skills and have partnered with a skilled South African team.

  • Durability, fiberglass is strong, robust and lightweight.

  • Algae, to keep algae levels to a minimum we recommend that the system is not installed under constant sunlight during the day. Algae can affect oxygen levels and absorbs nutrients which your plants need. The inside of our tanks have a glass like texture to allow for easy removal of algae if and when it occurs.

  • Temperature, Our tanks are designed to keep temperature shifts to a minimum due to its deep water characteristics.

  • Low maintenance, fiberglass requires minimal maintenance. The Nitrifying bacteria make the pores on the surface of the grow media their home. This is crucial to a healthy Aquaponics environment.



Choosing the right pump for your Aquaponics system can be quite daunting. The pumps main function is to lift water to a certain height. Balance is the key when choosing a pump, and the pump you choose will be one of the best investments for your Aquaponics System. Your fish tank pump system might look quite confusing, but it can be easily broken down. The main pump works constantly to pump water up to the main grow-beds. The next smaller pump is turned off, and in the event of a power failure will spring to action with the help of a power fail electronic switch and 12 V backup battery. During this time, no water is supplied to the grow beds (they can last until the main power is returned) the function of the smaller pump, during an outage, is to splash water back onto the tank, supplying the fish with adequate aeration and oxygen.



In Aquaponics, siphons are needed to create a continuous and constant flowing of water into the containers. We use a bell-siphon for the “Flood and Drain” cycles that promote Aquaponics Balance.


Grow media

When setting up your Aquaponics system you will find you have a wide variety of Grow Media to choose from. Whatever you decide to use, it must be able to drain well so plants roots don’t get water logged and begin to rot.

Most Aquaponics users, including us use LECA, (Light weight Expanded Clay) Pebbles or Hydroball. They have a high porosity and air content, and are 4-16mm which is best for roots to move easily through. Plus they are light weight, taking strain off your grow beds.



There are several Safety Aspects to consider with your Aquaponics System, the main ones being drowning and electrocution. We recommend that the fish tank be covered with a net or wooden or wire structure to prevent curious toddlers or small children falling in.

 Electrical Safety is imperative for any system, as it can kill. All joints on the electrical cables and connectors have to be properly insulated and water-proofed. If you are living in an area prone to lightning we recommend you purchase a lighting/surge protector for your battery and pumps.