Carbon Filter 6" (150mm) x900mm

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Quantum Carbon Filters are arguably the best value/quality carbon filters in South Africa. Quantum carbon filters are loaded with premium activated carbon to effectively control unwanted organic odours. If you are growing indoors, they are a necessity.

Quantum Carbon filters work by moving air over activated carbon – a charcoal derivative that has a large, very absorbent surface area at the molecular level. As the dirty air flows through the carbon, the carbon traps the particles of odour thereby cleansing the air flowing out of the filter and making it odourless. The 6" 150mm x 900mm is the largest carbon filter in our range. We also stock 150mm x 300mm and 150mm x 600mm

Ensure that all fans and carbon filters match the rated airflow of each other , otherwise the odour control may not be as effective 

Product Info:

50mm Carbon Bed Depth, Material: Steel, Removable Bottom Flange, Extra Elastane - Nylon Inner pre-filter, High Grade - Virgin Activated Carbon, Changeable Reinforced Velcro Pre-filter


Specifications  6" 150mm x 900m

  • Stepped flange diamters = 150mm (6") 
  • Outside Diamter = 255mm
  • Total Filter Height = 950mm
  • Weight = 17.23Kg
  • Carbon Weight = 12.74Kg
  • CFM = 802



Mounting Brackets for horizontal hanging included. Hanging wire or ropes not supplied