Commercial Aquaponic Systems

Commercial Systems

A commercial aquaponic growing system will allow anyone to grow a superior crop in an environmentally friendly manner.  A controlled environment can provide the premium conditions crops need for record production.  Greenhouses can provide an aquaponics system with just such a controlled environment.  Combining Greenhouses and Aquaponics together is without a doubt the ultimate method for food production.


Aquaponics has the potential to fill the world's entire requirements for premium quality food. On a smaller scale, in many developing countries it can produce crops for a small community or village.  Many commercial systems use greenhouses to house the plants and fish against harsh environmental conditions, pest and insects.  Greenhouse setups are considerably more expensive to setup in comparison to an open system. Maximizing floor space use is necessary to reduce costs and increase production, you can consult with one of our professional system designers for the best results.


A commercial aquaponic system's daily activities consists of:

  • Feeding the fish (unless auto-feeders are utilized)

  • Cleaning filters

  • Seeding or transplanting  

  • Harvesting and packaging the produce for sale 

  • The frequency with which the fish are harvested is dependant on the size of the system and market demand.


At My Aquaponics we have leading industry professionals available on a consulting basis who can assist with all aspects of your Commercial Aquaponics System (Design, System, Plants, Fish,Safety, click here for our full spec of consulting services).