Myaqua NFT Hydroponics System - 40 Plants

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The Myaqua NFT40 (nutrient film technique) Hydroponics DIY system has been designed for those wishing to start an hydroponics system, but don't have the time or knowledge to build one from scratch. Now available in the new sleek aluminium stand that is easy to assemble and fitted with 4 Floots that allow you to grow up to 40 plants


Water is pumped from the 110 litre water reservoir to the horizontal NFT pipes. Water then flows back into the water reservoir by means of gravity. As the water passes through the pipes, it feeds the bottom roots of the plants in the net pots. So the roots get water and oxygen for fast and healthy plant growth.


The system can sustain 24 plants.. You can grow most plants in an NFT system, including lettuce, tomatoes, leafy plants, as well as fruit such as strawberries.


Nutrients are supplied to mix into the water, so that the plants get proper feeding.. This system could also be used as an aquaponics system, but then you would add the fish to the tank reservoir, an would also need to add a biofilter before the water return into the water reservoir.


The system comprises:


  1. 4 FLOOT pipes (10 plants per floot - 75mm netpots included)
  2. Submersible water pump
  3. All pipes for inlet and outlet to and from the FLOOTS
  4. 110 litre water reservoir
  5. Plant Nutrients to last you a few months
  6. Aluminium Stand with bolts and screws supplied


 Assembly Drawing is supplied