Ticket Aquaponics & Sandponics Training Course - Saturday, 16 March 2024, Johannesburg

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Aquaponics is a combination of Aquaculture (growing fish) and Hydroponics( growing plants without soil).  

It is totally organic and no chemicals are used. Its arguably one of the few eco-friendly and sustainable farming methods around and it can be done from the comfort of your backyard.

This Aquaponics Course is both for the beginner and for those wishing to go commercial. We will cover subjects such as the Nitrogen cycle, the fish (and what they eat), the plants, the grow media for the plants, biofiltration, the different types of systems that can be used, and a lot more information to WOW you into action.


We will also be teaching you about Sandponics and its benefits. In many cases, it will be more viable than Aquaponics. You will also get to see our brand new Sandponics system.   

Covered in the Aquaponics Training Workshop:

  1. Introduction to Aquaponics
  2. Theory: Nitrogen cycle, aerobic and anaerobic bacteria and there uses in aquaponics
  3. System sizing and Design (DIY & Commercial) 
  4. Happy fish environment (Water quality, temperature and testing)
  5. The Gear: Tanks, filtration, planters, pumps and piping, siphon and timers, backup equipment and heating
  6. Aquaponics vs Hydroponics
  7. The financial implications and feasibility of running bigger system
  8. The building and making of an aquaponics system and much more!
  9. Introduction to Sandponics, Basic Setup .. AND YOU GET TO VIEW OUR NEW SANDPONICS SYSTEM LIVE!!


tilapia.jpg  cd72b3bb-f53e-4350-acb5-dfded3817d12.jpg  sandponics system


Venue: Valverde Country Hotel, Lanseria/Cradle ,Gauteng, South Africa ( http://valverde.co.za/ )

Date & Time: Saturday, 16 March 2024, 08.30am (Workshop begins at 8.45am sharp), we will end at 15.30pm (Thats 7 hours of Aquaponics/Sandponics FUN)!!!

TICKETS are only R1 480 per person and include a mid-morning tea break, lunch and Aquaponics Information Notes.  Please make payment directly into our account as per details below.  Payment is due within 24 hours of online registration or we will remove your name from the list.


Account Name: MyAquaponics Pty Ltd

Bank: First National Bank

Account Number: 62409997270

Branch Name: Melville

Branch Code: 256 505


To ensure a more personal learning experience only 30 Tickets are available! 


This course has been organized by MyAquaponics.co.za - South Africa's leading Aquaponics and Hydroponics resource. 


Please contact Henri on 083 2265599 for more information. Payment receipts can be sent to sales@myaquaponics.co.za

The event is being held in Johannesburg, Lanseria, however 'out of towners' are more than welcome to attend. If any information regarding accommodation close to the venue is needed, please contact us and we will email you through a list of possible accommodation venues- Of course you are more than welcome to book at room at Valverde Country Hotel where the workshop is being held. 


***Once payment has been Confirmed. We will notify you via email. We will confirm your ticket and provide you with an address and a map.***