Evolution Aqua EazyPod UV Automatic (for 10000l fish pond)

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EazyPod UV Automatic: The Self-Cleaning Fish Pond Filter That Does the Work for You

Say goodbye to the hassle of manually cleaning your pond filter with the revolutionary EazyPod UV Automatic. This innovative self-cleaning mechanical and biological filter system is designed to keep your garden pond up to 10,000 liters crystal clear and healthy, without the need for constant maintenance.

No more washing filter brushes or squeezing filter sponges in the rain or cold. The EazyPod UV Automatic takes care of the cleaning for you, thanks to its integrated control box with an adjustable timer. Simply set the timer, and the EazyPod UV Automatic will initiate a cleaning cycle automatically, even when you're away from home.

The EazyPod UV Automatic combines the power of mechanical and biological filtration with the added benefit of UV clarification, ensuring that your pond water remains clear and free from harmful algae and bacteria. The system's advanced design allows for efficient removal of debris and waste, while providing an ideal environment for beneficial bacteria to thrive.

With the EazyPod UV Automatic, you can spend more time enjoying your pond and less time maintaining it. This self-cleaning filter system is perfect for busy pond owners who want to ensure the health and beauty of their aquatic environment without the constant need for manual intervention.

Invest in the EazyPod UV Automatic today and experience the convenience and effectiveness of a truly self-cleaning pond filter. Say goodbye to the burden of regular filter maintenance and hello to a pristine pond that practically takes care of itself. With the EazyPod UV Automatic, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the tranquillity of your fish pond like never before.




Inside the control box, the electronic connector blocks control the automated waste valve, along with your circulating pump (not included). It even houses an air pump that kicks in automatically to clean the K1 Micro media. Crystal clear, healthy water is achieved by the filter which is powered by a static bed of K1 Micro, which also provides enhanced biological benefits too. The Eazypod UV Automatic also features an integrated 18 Watt UVC built in to the inlet section of the filter, helping to clear green water, making this a fully automatic self cleaning filter.










EazyPod UV Automatic: Innovative Water Filtration Made Simple
The EazyPod UV Automatic revolutionizes water filtration with its straightforward yet groundbreaking design. Water first flows through an 18-watt UV Clarifying bulb (available in UV models), effectively eliminating single-celled algae.

Next, the water enters the outer chamber, which encircles the entire EazyPod. A stainless steel perforated screen separates the outer and inner chambers. These perforations, located in the lower half of the screen, create a dynamic flow pattern as water moves from the outer to the inner chamber, causing larger solids to settle at the bottom of the outer chamber due to gravity.

The size of these perforations prevents large mechanical debris from entering the inner chamber, serving as an initial mechanical filter. The inner chamber contains 18 liters of static K1 Micro media. As water flows into the inner chamber, smaller particles are trapped within the K1 Micro. After this thorough filtration, the clean water rises and exits through the inner return pipe, then flows back to the pond via the return outlet.

The EazyPod Automatic filtration system delivers exceptional water quality and clarity. The extensive surface area of the static K1 Micro not only functions as an efficient mechanical filter but also provides ample space for beneficial bacteria to thrive. This makes the EazyPod Automatic an outstanding all-in-one filter for smaller ponds, exceeding all expectations in maintaining pristine water conditions



Self-Cleaning Efficiency of the EazyPod UV Automatic

The EazyPod UV Automatic features an integrated air pump housed within its control box, which connects to an air line running into the unit. This air line leads to an air ring located at the base of the inner chamber. The air ring, equipped with small holes, agitates the K1 Micro media during the cleaning cycle, ensuring it effectively self-cleans.

As the K1 Micro media moves, finer particles are released and captured within the chamber. This waste water is then automatically expelled through a 1½ inch motorized ball valve, ensuring hassle-free maintenance and consistently clean water.


Cleaning is fully automated on the EazyPod Automatic, and is controlled by a built-in timer, which is factory set at one clean every 3 days, however, this is easily adjustable to fit in with your pond requirements. The EazyPod Automatic will run a cleaning cycle which lasts approximately 6 and a half minutes





This is when your pump is going to be used to supply the water to the filter, and the filtered water then returns back into your pond via gravity, i.e. down a waterfall, or through a large diameter pipe, this is referred to as PUMP FED (i.e. the water is fed to the filter using a pump).







Can an old EazyPod be adapted to take smaller K1 Micro?
Yes, 18 litres of K1 Micro can be used. No adaptations are necessary. K1 Micro offers increased surface area and may provide clearer water.

Can EazyPod be upgraded to automatic cleaning?
No, the EazyPod Automatic is configured differently and would have to be purchased separately.

Is EazyPod a complete filtration system? Will I need anything else?
EazyPod is a complete mechanical and biological filter, trapping debris and breaking down biological waste from fish.  EazyPod UV Automatic comes with Airpump and built-in UVC. Water Pump not included

What is EazyPod UV Automatic?
EazyPod UV Automatic is an EazyPod which can automatically clean its own media. Available with or without UVC, EazyPod Automatic has a control box which can be set by the user to clean itself on a timer, as little or as often as they require. EazyPod Automatic has a built-in can clean when you’re not there, being ideal for holidays, and a filter which is cleaned regularly makes for a healthier biological filter, and a healthier pond.

Can EazyPod Automatic be gravity-fed?
No, it’s not possible to run EazyPod Automatic as a gravity fed filter. 

Can EazyPod be run gravity-fed?
The EazyPod Air can be converted to gravity feed, there are instructions on how to do this in the EazyPod manual. The EazyPod UV Automatic cannot be gravity fed.

Media is escaping and being discharge to waste when cleaning
This can happen if the outer steel mesh is slightly out of position, this sometimes happens during transit, remove all of the media from the biological chamber (this will stop any media becoming trapped when you tap the mesh back into place), with a large flat-headed screwdriver and hammer, gently tap the mesh back into place so it is flush with the base of the filter. Replace the media and it should now work perfectly.


What size pump do I need for an EazyPod?

EazyPods are suitable for ponds up 10,000 litres, and we recommend that a pond is turned over once every two hours. A 5000lph pump with a 2m Head height rating would be perfect.


How can I extend the cleaning cycle from 6 minutes to up to 10 minutes?
You first need to remove cycle timer sticker and then increase the dial from 60 to 100 so that the cycle time would increase to 10 minutes from the original 6 minutes