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Microgreens & Fodder

Microgreens are vegetables and herbs grown in a cycle of 14 days from seed. Microgreens are generally for human consumption and many restaurants use it in salads and other recipes. They are full of all essential vitamins and mineral, and are much tastier than normally grown plants.


Fodder is grass grown in trays, usually for animal consumption, though wheat grass and barley grass is often used by health restaurants in health drinks. Cycle of fooder grass is 7 days from seed.


We supply a range of trays and grow media for microgreens and fodder grasses

  • Fodder Tray with 26 drain holes at bottom

    Fodder Grass Growing Tray

    Product Description:   A variety of fodder are used as animal feed. Various varieties of fodder include, but are not limited to, wheat, barley, false oat grass, Bermuda grass, heath grass and rye grass. Growing fodder...

  • Microgreens Tray and Cocopeat Mat Kit

    Microgreens Tray and Cocopeat Mat Kit

      Why Grow Microgreens?   Microgreens offer up to 40% more nutrition than fully grown vegetables, and so much more flavour. They are packed with vitamins and anti-oxidants and many other health benefits. This is...

  • StirFry Blend Microgreens Seeds - 200g Tube

    StirFry Blend Microgreens Seeds - 200g Tube

    The Stir-fry blend is a unique mix of quick growing legumes. Ideal to add to a stir fry after cooking. Adds immense flavour to the plain old stir fry.  Of course, the Stir Fry blend sprouts or microgreens is also the...

  • Vitality Mix Microgreens Seeds - 200g Tube

    Vitality Mix Microgreens Seeds - 200g Tube

    Vitality Mix (Brassica, Medicago, Foeniculum, Linum, Fagopyrum and Trifolium spp) This Vitality Mix package contains a special blend of Alfalfa, Flax seed, Black Mustard, Fennel, Clover and Buckwheat. The mix has been...

  • Wheat Grass Seeds  - 200g Tube

    Wheat Grass Seeds - 200g Tube

    Wheat Grass is one of the favourite microgreens for the health conscious. Mainly used for juicing to make healthy vitamin packed smoothies, but is also used in sandwiches, salads and stir fries.   Wheatgrass is...


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