Professional Microgreens Tray - No Holes - 30mm Deep

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The Professional Microgreens tray is for those looking at a durable -reusable microgreens tray. Ideal for the more serious microgreens farmer, though it can be used by anybody wanting to grow microgreens on a regular basis.

The professional Microgreens tray could also be used as a fodder tray. 

This new microgreens tray has a depth of only 30mm, allowing for the microgreens to be easily harvested using a scissors or sharp knife, so that there is minimal plants wastage.


The bottom of the Professional Microgreens tray has patterned indentations to evenly distribute and store water throughout the entire microgreens tray, thus allowing grow media such as cocopeat, composted soil or rockwool to wick more water as it dries.


How to grow microgreens?

Fill the bottom of the plastic tray with cocopeat, compost soil, rockwool mat or other growmedia. Use a hand held spray bottle to spray water onto the media. Let the water soak thoroughly. Wait 10 minutes and do one last water spray. Then sprinkle the seeds evenly over the grow media (quite an art with the smaller seeds - but you will get the hang of it) . Spray water over the seeds.


If possible cover the tray with a piece of cardboard so that the seeds are in complete darkness. Keep it covered for 2-3 days or until after most of the seeds have germinated, then slowly introduce light to it (not direct sunlight as it can burn off the new shoots). Keep on watering at least twice per day, ensuring that the media/seeds are always moist (not water logged).

For bigger seeds like peas and sunflower, let them soak in water for 6-8 hours (or overnight) before spreading them on the cocopeat mat. 


Microgreens Tray Dimensions (internal floor section):




Microgreens Tray Dimensions (External):

530mm (length) x270mm (width) x 30mm (depth)