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This Microgreens Starter Kit has everything you need to get started growing your own Microgreens.


The Kit Comprises:

1 x 30mm Deep Professional Microgreens Mesh Tray

1 x 30mm Deep Professional Microgreens Tray (Without Holes)

1 x 50mm Deep Professional Microgreens Tray (Without Holes) 

1 x 650 Gram Cocopeat Brick (Expands to around 8 litres once full hydrated in water) 

1 x Hand Pump Pressure Mist Sprayer (Screws onto any 500ml plastic water bottle)

1 x 180 Grams of Microgreens - Vitality Mix 




How to Get Started?


1) Soak Cocopeat Brick in Water

Soak The 600-gram cocopeat brick into a bucket of water and allow it to fully hydrate to loosen the fibers. Use your hands to gently break up the brick in the water.


2) Pack Loose Cocopeat Into 30mm Deep Mesh Tray

Spread the loose cocopeat, evenly across the whole of the mesh tray. Cocopeat must be filled to be almost level with the top of the tray. Place another tray on top of the cocopeat and press down with your hands to compact it


3) Add water to the 30mm Deep Tray Without Holes

Add water to the 30mm tray without holes. Only fill to around 10mm deep. The Tray with cocopeat will then fit on top of this tray so that it can wick the water from the bottom.


4) Stack Mesh Tray with Media on Top of Tray with Water

When you stack the media tray onto the tray with water, ensure that the water level in the bottom tray makes contact with the bottom of the mesh tray above, to ensure proper water wicking by the cocopeat.


5) Sprinkle Seeds

Sprinkle Seeds evenly over the cocopeat. 20-40 grams of seed (depending on variety) should be enough to cover one tray. Make sure that the seeds do not form clumps. Use one of the trays to press down on the seeds so they sink a little into the cocopeat.


6) Mist Seeds with Water

For the first day or two use the mist sprayer to spray the seeds from above. Once the seeds germinate and the roots are formed, there is no need for further spraying from the top, as water will be wicked up by the cocopeat, from the bottom tray. Ensure the bottom tray always has enough water. A hand pump mist sprayer is included with this kit. Simply screw it on to any 500ml plastic water bottle or soft drink bottle. 


7) Cover Seeds with 50mm Deep Tray

To speed up germination the seed tray must be covered with the 50mm tray or black plastic. Leave it covered for at least 5 days. When uncovered do not leave under direct sunlight.


8) Harvest after 7-14 Days

Depending on the seedling variety, you can start harvesting after 7 days. Use a pair of sharp scissors to cut the seedlings at the bottom of their stems. Make sure to disinfect the scissors.


Once you have fully harvested your tray, make sure you clean it thoroughly and also disinfect it with a diluted solution of hydrogen peroxide. This will prevent mould and other issues in future crops. 


Here are some additional tips for growing microgreens:

  • Use a high-quality seed variety.
  • Keep the microgreens moist, but not soggy.
  • Harvest the microgreens when they are young and tender.

Microgreens are a great way to add nutrients to your diet. They are high in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Microgreens are also a good source of fiber.

 Now that you have mastered growing your own microgreens with our starter kit, it's time to start experimenting with different seeds. Please search our website for our range of microgreens seeds.


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