Cress Microgreens Seeds -200 Grams

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Cress is an easy microgreen to grow. It is very nutrient dense. Can be harvested in 8-12 days



It has a deliciously pepper flavour and is perfect for salads, soups and garnishes. Cress sprouts and microgreens can also be used in smoothies and juicing.
Cress seeds are mucilaginous, so they do not require soaking or a lot of water. If you water the microgreens too much, you may have a low germination rate.

200 grams of Cress Microgreens seed can cover up to 5-6 Professional Microgreens Trays (each measuring 50cm x 25cm)  if 35-40 grams are used per tray. You can of course increase the density of the seeds in the tray to your liking.  




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    Cress Microgreen Seeds

    Posted by Wendy McLean on 31st Jan 2023

    Could not believe my eyes when I saw cress seeds. I have searched the garden centres for years to find this product!