Green Basil Microgreens Seeds -100 Grams

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Green Basil is a beautiful Microgreen with an incredible aroma and exotic taste.

Green Basil microgreens offer versatility to enhance different types of food. Their usage is not limited to a particular dish as they can serve as a decoration on salads, soups, and sandwiches. They are also a suitable topping for pizza and pasta dishes. Another way to use basil microgreens is by blending them into pesto or sauces to enrich their flavour. Furthermore, infused basil microgreens can add a unique taste to oils, vinegar, cocktails, and mocktails, which can be used as dressings.



 it is an easy microgreen and very quick growing.


Packed by weight, settling and separation may occur.


100 grams of Red Basil microgreens seed can cover up to 4-6 Professional Microgreens Trays (each measuring 50cm x 25cm)  if 20-30 grams are used per tray. You can of course increase the density of the seeds in the tray to your liking.