Yellow Mustard Microgreens Seeds - 200g

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Yellow Mustard is a member of the brassica (cabbage) family. Both yellow and black mustard produce great tasting peppery/spicy sprouts, or microgreens, that are best used once the leaves green up. You may want to mix mustard seed in with other microgreens or sprouts, as on it's own it can be slightly overpowering.


Mustard is a rich source of easy available minerals, including, calcium, manganese, copper, iron, selenium and zinc. Mustard is also high in cancer fighting carotenoids and flavonoids.

As sprouts they are best started in the dark for the first 48 hours and then brought into the light. As a microgreen, they can be started in a soil or cocopeat mix for the best nutritional value. You can start to harvest at the 2-true leaf stage for the highest nutritional benefit.

Mustard is usually grown in Microgreen Trays, preferably with a cocopeat mat to properly support the plant  (click here for Microgreen Kit. Once sowed it can be harvested after 10-14 days. You can harvest several times by cutting and letting it grow again. This can be done every 4-5 days for 3 or 4 cycles. 

200 grams of Yellow mustard seed can cover up to 3-4 microgreens trays, depending on the density that you're looking for