Japanese Radish Microgreens & Sprouting Seeds - 200g

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Japanese Radish is fast growing sprout. In a warm place it can be ready to eat in as little as 3 days. Nice and spicy it adds a real bite to any dish. Can be used both raw and cooked. If cooked, keep cooking time very short so that it doesn't lose its unique pungent flavour.

As a Microgreen, Japanese radish is easy to grow and it can be harvested in both the ‘dicot’ (seed leaf) and in the true leaf stage. The flavour changes as it moves through from sprout to true leaf stage. You can also grow it in soil to full size radishes. 


japanese radish microgreens        Japanese radish sprouts


Simple to sprout, they will be ready to start eating in 3-5 days. As a Microgreen you can start harvesting at 7 days

Packed by weight, settling and separation may occur.


200 grams of Japanese Radish seed can cover up to 4-5 Professional Microgreens Trays (each measuring 50cm x 25cm)  if 40 grams are used per tray. You can of course increase the density of the seeds in the tray to your liking.