Edible Flower Seeds - Pansy Mix - 70 Seed Pack

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Vibrant Pansies Mix - Edible Flowers

These delightful edible flowers come in a wide array of colours to brighten up any dish or drink. Pansies are cool weather-loving flowers that can be grown as annuals in many climates, providing abundant delicate blossoms perfect for culinary use. Heirloom - Untreated Seeds 



Cultivation Tips

Thriving in organically enriched, well-draining soil, pansies prefer full sun to partial shade. Sow seeds in late summer to early fall or early spring, barely covering with soil. Allow 7-14 days for germination then transplant seedlings when large enough to handle. Space approximately 6 inches apart. Deadhead spent blooms to encourage more flowers. Pansies will reach 6-8 inches tall when mature.


Versatile Petals

With their gorgeous multi-coloured faces, pansies make a visually striking garnish. Tasting mildly similar to lettuce, the edible flowers can be used to embellish salads, cocktails, iced tea, desserts, and more. For an elegant touch, freeze petals in ice cubes. The options are endless for creatively integrating these edible beauties into your cuisine.


Historical Origins

Pansies traces their lineage to several Viola species and originated in Europe over two centuries ago. British Lord Gambier and his gardener began intentionally crossing various violas to develop larger, more colourful blooms. This interbreeding led to the pansies frequently grown in gardens worldwide today.

Add a whimsical floral flavour to your plate with pansies grown or approved for consumption. Their bright petals uplift any dish or drink.