D-5000 (5000l/h), Waterfall Dragon Inverter Water Pump - Energy Saving 50 Watts

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The new D5000 ENERGY SAVING  Waterfall Inverter Water Pump is very energy efficient compared to similar throughput pumps. It only draws 50 watts of power which translates to a 50% energy savings when compared to similar older water pumps. With the ever increasing Eskom electricity costs, this pump will save you a lot of money during the month. 

The savings in electricity are due to the new technology automatic inverter motor and its high power efficiency. 

It is low noise, compact and lightweight and can be used in Koi Ponds, Aquaponics and hydroponics tanks, whether indoors or outdoors.

This new design includes a patented front housing on the water inlet side that increases efficiency and prevents clogging. 


It has a max effective Max head of 3.4 metres (at this height you will get minimum flow) and max flow of 5000 litres/hour at ground level. 

Power Consumption : 50 Watts

Outlet Diameter: 25mm