Disc Ceramic Air-Stone (100mm)

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This Disc Ceramic Airstone is 100mm in diameter, giving a larger footprint of bubbles than the smaller airstones.

disc ceramic airstone


Aeration for Aquaculture , Aquaponics and Hydroponic systems is absolutely crucial, especially if you are utilising Deep Water Culture (DWC) grow beds for growing plants. In densely planted channels, the oxygen demand required by the plants can cause the Dissolved Oxygen (DO) levels to drop below the required minimum level. This can have a major impact on the plants and is therefore critical to ensure regular air flow through the system.

In order to ensure aeration, it is vital to place air stones in the system which is connected to air piping through which air is pumped from the air pump.

These are high performance ceramic air stones containing lots of pores in order to produce fine bubbles which in turn provides excellent oyygen for the water. These discs are reliable and strong with no corrosion or friction loss.

They have a stepped hose tail which are able to fit 4mm up to 8mm air tubing.

Instruction for Use

  • Submerse Disc into water (you may need to trap it so that it does ot flat up) 
  • Connect the air tubing to the connector on the airstone (Place end of air tubing into hot water to make it more maleable)
  • Turn on air pump
  • Gently clean air stone occasionally with an old toothbrush for longer use