EcoCrete Fish Pond Concrete Primer (5L)

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EcoCrete Fish Pond Concrete Primer is an Apeo free emulsion specifically developed for compatibility with cements, in particular Portland type cements. The main advantages of EcoCrete are enhanced adhesion and resilience leading to improved impact resistance of the cement. Secondly, is its ability to absorb unwanted moisture in concrete and cement surfaces and act as a base layer waterproofing barrier. 

To be used on concrete before applying EcoProof Fish Pond Seal.

EcoCrete can be used in fish ponds, dams, retaining walls, balconies, etc


EcoCrete primer fish pond photo 1  EcoCrete primer fish pond photo 2  EcoCrete primer fish pond photo 3

Product Information

  • To be mixed with cement on a 1:1 ratio (i.e. 1l EcoCrete to 1Kg cement)
  • Draws out any moisture to prevent any bubbling from liquid rubber. If you only apply liquid rubber (EcoProof) the rubber seals the slab and does not allow the moisture to breath and this will result in unwanted bubbling. 
  • Available in 5 litres at our shop ( We can also quote on 20 L drums on request)
  • 5 Year Product guarantee


Technical Information

  • Dry Time 24 Hours
  • Usage 2 squares per litre (Surface dependant)
  • Colour: befor cement addition it is white, with cement its gey
  • Base: Polymer