Grech Auto Fish Feeder for Ponds - 6L, Rechargeable Battery

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Grech Automatic fish feeder for medium to large koi ponds and Fish tanks.

Keep your fish well-fed and healthy with the Grech Automatic Fish Feeder – the ultimate auto fish feeder designed to simplify your pond care routine. This ingenious device takes the guesswork out of feeding your aquatic friends, ensuring they receive the right amount of nourishment at consistent intervals throughout the day.



No Electricity Required:

The Grech Auto Fish Feeder is fitted with a rechargeable battery that last for up to 3 months. Simply recharge overnight every 2-3 months to give it another 3 months operation, ensuring uninterrupted feeding even during extended periods away from home.


Programmable Feeding Intervals

With the Grech Automatic Fish Feeder, you can effortlessly program timed feeding intervals to suit your fish's dietary needs. Adjust the feeder to dispense the perfect portion of pellets multiple times a day, ensuring your fish always have access to fresh food.


Customizable Dispenser Settings
Tailor the auto fish feeder to your pond's specifications by adjusting the distance the food is propelled and the duration of each dispense cycle. This customizability ensures your fish receive their meals precisely where you want them to, preventing waste and maintaining a clean pond environment.

Ideal for Koi Ponds and Holiday Feeding
Whether you have a thriving Koi pond or simply need a reliable solution for feeding your fish while on vacation, the Grech Automatic Fish Feeder is the perfect choice. Its robust construction and strong motor make it well-equipped to handle large quantities of pellets, ensuring your fish receive ample nourishment even in your absence.



  • Battery Powered (Rechargeable Battery lasts up to 3 months)
  • Automated feed up to 3 times daily
  • Sprays food up to 1-3m with a 120 degree range, thus preventing fish from eating from the same spot all the time and possible damaging their scales against the side of the pond
  • 6 litre capacity 
  • Designed for pellets with a 3-10mm diameter ( Don't use stick or flakes or other shape feed) 






 370 x 310 x 400mm