Grodan Delta Hugo Rockwool Block (152x152x147mm)

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The Grodan Delta Hugo Block of Rockwool is imported from Holland and specially treated for the hydroponics and aquaponics industry


Grodan Delta Hugo block is perfectly balanced for optimum plant growth, ensuring an even distribution of water, air, nutrients, EC & pH. The uniform distribution and vertical structure of the fibres results in the same resistance for each root, thereby ensuring that the roots distribute themselves uniformly throughout the block.

This block is also sturdy enough to support bigger plants


Grodan rockwool is arguably the best plant growing rockwool in the world


Seedlings can be germinated in a Grodan Kiem Plug which we also supply CLICK HERE  and then transplanted to the Grodan Delta Hugo Block for root expansion and plant growth. 



  • Block size = 152x152x145 mm
  • Highly Absorbent
  • pH neutral