Jiffy Seedling Pellet Tray (60 Cavities)

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The Jiffy Seedling Pellet Tray has 60 cavities for the 7C 40mm x 45mm Jiffy Seedling Pellets. No Jiffy Pellets are NOT included with this tray.  For the complete kit of tray and 60 pellets, click here  





The Jiffy 7C peat seedling pellet is made of coir and will expand to 40mm x 45mm once fully hydrated.



Perfect for germination of seeds and growing seedlings. Easy to then transfer to any hydroponics or aquaponics system.





1. Prepare your tray(s). If re-used: be sure that the trays are clean and if necessary sterilized. If supplied in trays go to step 3.

2. Take the cartons with J7C pellets and put a single pellet in each cell of your tray. Place the opening (sticking or seed hole) upwards

3. Prepare the trays with the J7C by watering the pellets thoroughly for expansion. 

4. Be sure that the water for rewetting is not too cold: warmed up to 20˚C (68˚F) speeds up expansion. With water at 40˚C (104˚F) it only takes 8 – 10s for proper expansion

5. Shower the trays with the pellets top down (if done manually) and leave the trays in a small layer of water (contact with the pellet is crucial here) for a while to improve expansion and save time

6. Seed the pellets or add the cuttings in the pre-cut holes. When used for propagation put the cutting in a firm handling into the pellet. Do not move it around. Be sure that the cutting is positioned firmly. The looser it is transplanted the lesser fast its roots will develop

7. Transport the trays to the propagation room (concrete ebb-flow floor or table system)

8. Jiffy 7C coir plugs contain less ‘Easy Available Water’ than loose fill peat, paper plugs or rockwool plugs (EAWcoir=½ EAWrockwool), so add water more frequently but with smaller volumes compared to your standard

9. At the start: add water with a lower EC-level to the J7C pellets as the basic material is fertilized 10.Research has shown that a Jiffy 7C pellet is easier to manage compared to the alternative plug systems. There is actually no building up of salts and you can add water more frequently To safe guard a healthy culture we advise you to take coir or drain water samples on a regular base to avoid (too) low or (too) high nutrient levels.