Submersible Water Pump (1400l/h) - HJ1542

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The HJ-1542 submersible water pump is a reliable and affordable water pump ideal for your fish tank, aquarium, water fountain, aquaponics system and hydroponics system.

Has a maximum head of 2 metres and can pump at a rate of 1400l/h depending on head.. It is not a high pressure water pump.



VOLTAGE:                     220V/240V
FREQUENCY:               50Hz
POWER:                         28W (less than a light bulb)
Head-MAX:                    2.0m
OUTPUT:                       1400L/h
WEIGHT:                        0.75Kg
DIMENSIONS:               138 x 98 x 100mm




  • 5
    Excellent small submersible pump

    Posted by mike on 19th Feb 2020

    We use this pump to circulate water through a UV filter and sand filter from a swimming pool that has been converted to a large Koi Pond. This is our second pump of this model with the other pump having been in operation for more than one year and still working.

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    impressive pump

    Posted by mike on 22nd Oct 2019

    We have converted a swimming pool to a large fishpond with Koi fish to keep down the mosquitos. Keeping fish in a swimming pool require a filter system to remove the buildup of nitrates and contaminants. We use this pump to continuously pump the pool water through an ultra violet filter system. We are impressed by the performance this pump delivers.

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    Value for money

    Posted by Pieter on 20th Sep 2017

    This little pump really works well for the intended purpose. I am doing Aeroponics (form of Hydroponics) and it drives the sprayers very well. Also nice and quiet as my system is right outside my bedroom!