Ultrazap 1 Bag Fibreglass Sand Filter for Fish Ponds - up to 5000l

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The 1 Bag Ultrazap Fibreglass Sand Filter is ideal for ponds smaller than 5000 litres. Sand filters are used as a component in the water treatment process of water purification, as shown in the diagram below. Usually installed before the biofilter and UV sterilizers in order to filter out all solids coming from the fish pond. Sand Filters are classified as solid separator filters or mechanical filters. 




UltraZap sand filters are made with woven fibreglass and are superior in construction and designed specifically for Koi ponds, though they can be used for any fish pond or fish tank. The easy access lid is located at the top of the filter for ease of use and for open backwashing. Ultrazap Sand filters are fitted with a manifold valve.

KOi Filter Sand IS NOT INCLUDED. We can supply Sand at an extra cost of R140 per bag. Each bag weighs 40Kg, so expensive to ship. Contact us for a separate quote if you wish to purchase the Koi Sand from us.. NOTE: You cannot use standard pool filter sand. 

Pressure testing done on UltraZap sand filters have shown to have passed the standard 4000 cycle test and exceeded  26 750 cycles.