Vertical Floot Hydroponics-Aquaponics for 4 plants ( includes netpots)

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The Vertical FlooT is a great space saver if you want to start vertical grow hydroponics or aquaponics in your home. 

Each Vertical Floot measures 730 mm in length and can cater for 4 plants. Vertical Floots can be stacked to cater for more plants. 

The Vertical FlooT system has been designed for ease of installation. No drilling is required, cut sections with a hacksaw where required, add netpots, attach some irrigation piping to the inlet, hang it up, add a submersible pump to the water're now ready to start growing vegetables and herbs.

Floot is made from UV resistant material and is suitable for outdoor use.




Installation Guidelines



The top of the vertical floot has two protrusions that you can cut off to insert 5mm tubes as the water inlet. You could also cut off the top section completely and add a shower head or mist spray nozzle. Keep in mind for a mister or shower head to have enough pressure, you would need to use a powerful pump.

The 50mm moulded section at the bottom of the Vertical Floot can be cut off as shown below.

v-floot-bot-cut-1-.jpg     v-floot-bit-cut-off.jpg

This would feed water back to the water reservoir. You could use a 50mm pipe joint. Alternatively drill a 60-64mm holes on top of a 110mm pipe and insert the bottom of the vertical floot into it. 

If you would like to add another Vertical Floot section, then you would need to saw off the top portion of the bottom Vertical floot as shown below

v-floot-cut-top.jpg  v-floot-top-off.png 

You then connect the two Vertical Floot sections together:


v-floot-connect.jpg    v-floot-stacked.jpg

You can use cable ties around the hook protrusions to tie up the two sections. 


 The system comprises of:

  1.  Vertical Floot Section for 4 plants
  2. 4 x 75mm Netpots


Dimensions & Net Weight

  • 730 mm in length 
  • 1Kg