24 V DC Solar Booster Water Pump

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This 24V DC Solar Booster water pump is designed to run off solar power allowing you to move water from one site to another. Can be used in garden irrigation, vegetable patch and greenhouse irrigation, drainage, livestock watering, remote off grid homes. You can use it to pump water to a holding tank during the day so as to have access to water at all times. 


Ideal for off grid homes or those places where the electricity supply is unreliable. 


SOLAR PANEL & REGULATOR REQUIRED  (Not Included) . Min 250 watt Solar Panels & Deep Cycle Batteries 



Pump Specifications:

  • This solar pump can connect to a 24 V solar Panel, 24 V Battery array or any other 24 V DC Power source
  • Max flow rate : 1500 L/Hr
  • Max Head : 25m (2.5 Bar) (reduced flow at max head height)
  • Max Suction: 1m
  • Rated Voltage : 24 V dc
  • Brush Motor
  • Cooling Fan
  • Overheating Protection
  • Inlet/Outlet: 1 inch BSP
  • Motor: 230 Watt, 12A
  • Overall Dimensions (cm) 26 x 13 x 15



  • Long Lasting Brass Impeller
  • Start-up when Solar Panel supplies energy >= 10%
  • Pump needs to be switched on or off manual - No flow control available 
  • Use in conjunction with a voltage regulator 20 amp and 30 amp/hr (min) battery)
  • Safe , reliable, compact, robust and easy to install

When running off battery only, ensure the battery is constantly charged by an alternator while the vehicle is running. A depleting or draining battery will burn your pump should it not give a consistent 24 V DC supply