Asian Blend Microgreens Seeds - 180g Tube

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The Asian Blend Microgreens seeds comprises of Asian leaf vegetables: Tatsoi, Bokchoi, Mizuna, frilly leaf and spicy mustards.

This mix offers the best of all the Asian Leaf crops in a single blend. Great source of B-complex vitamins. Some important cancer fighting plant sterols are brassicasterol, campesterol, sitosterol, avenasterol and stigmasterol.

As sprouts they are best germinated in the dark for the first 48 hours and then brought into the light. As a microgreen, they can be grown in a cocopeat or soil mix for the highest nutritional benefits. You can start to harvest from the dicot (seed-leaf) stage right through to the true leaf stage.


Packed by weight, settling and separation may occur.


180 grams of Asian Blend seed can cover up to 3-4 Professional Microgreens Trays (each measuring 50cm x 25cm)  if 40 grams are used per tray. You can of course increase the density of the seeds in the tray to your liking.