Posted by henri Pereira on 27th Jun 2019


There are several Aquaponics Courses being offered in South Africa. Myaquaponics was the pioneer and presented its first aquaponics training workshop in 2011. 

We continue to present our aquaponics training workshops in Johannesburg every 2-3 months, but have also presented in Cape Town and Windhoek on special request. We prefer to present in Johannesburg where we have our own commercial system. It is much easier for eager students to learn from seeing a real system, then it is from theory and photos alone.

The venue where we present our training courses near Lanseria is an eco-friendly Hotel and Restaurant. Everything in the hotel grounds is recycled or composted and all water treated naturally. Its a beautiful setting where one can rest after the day's information overload :)

Who Should Attend an Aquaponics Workshop?

Basically anybody wanting to get into aquaponics as a hobby or on a commercial level. In our Aquaponics Course we cover both the basics for the beginners, but then also have a short session on the more complex calculations on how to design, size and stock a commercial system. At the end of our workshop, attendees will be able to design their own aquaponics system based on their personal requirements and budget

So what is generally covered in the Aquaponics Course ?

  • The Aquaponics Science and how to get the system cycled and healthy
  • All of the living organisms - The Fish, the Beneficial Bacteria and the plants
  • What is the best fish for aquaponics
  • How many fish needs to be stocked
  • What to feed the fish to keep costs as low as possible
  • System design and sizing. We show you the latest design trends in the Aquaponics industry
  • What plants are more suited to aquaponics
  • The nutrients that Aquaponics cannot generate and how to supplement
  • Water quality parameters and testing thereof
  • Climatic conditions
  • How to size Pumps, plumbing and electrical requirements and specifications
  • Financial costs and implications
  • Maintenance and safety
  • QUESTION TIME : Ask us as many questions as you wish. After 10 years we have had our fair share of emergencies, catastrophes and disappointments, coupled with great success. WE DO NOT HIDE anything, we tell you exactly what we have experienced so you don't have to spend 10 years doing the same and losing lots of money in the process :) 

Is the Workshop long enough to learn what is required to build your own system? 

One day is more than enough for us to teach you the basics, the more complex and the do's and dont's of aquaponics. If you're into DIY, you will find it easier to build your system thereafter. If you're not a DIY person, you can always get a plumber and other artisans to assist you. We really do not see the need to drag a training course into 3 or 4 days and charge inflated prices, for the sake of showing people how to drill holes, cut pipes and connect pumps and other electrical equipment. 

How many attendees per Aquaponics workshop?

We try to restrict it to between 30 and 35 people, but sometimes we have gone beyond 40. In the past we have also presented training courses to small private groups on request. We have a minimum fee for the private groups and prefer that there are 4 or more people per group. We will travel anywhere in the country to teach private groups provided the right venue with an overhead projector is booked and how minimum fee accepted. 

What if I need further assistance after the Aquaponics Course? 

Consulting Services are on offer by Myaquaponics on an hourly basis. We are often called upon to quote on equipment for commercial systems, without a design. The first step is always to do the system design to suit the location, budget and plants to be grown. Thereafter, the various components can be costed.

Whats next in Aquaponics Training ?

In the past we have presented some live webinars covering specific parts of an aquaponics systems, and hope to present a lot more of these as it is easier to reach a larger audience whilst they watch from the comfort of their home. 

These webinars have been free, but in future we're looking at presenting short courses online for a fee.

If an online training course is something that you may be interested in, especially if you live in outlying areas or in neighbouring countries, let us know. It may just speed up the process if we get enough enquiries. KEEP IN MIND HOWEVER, that you will require good internet connectivity in order to receive the video stream.

Self Training - Myaquaponics Ebook

For those that prefer to learn at their own pace, we sell a 140 page ebook covering everything that we teach in our Aquaponics Workshops and much more. The book is packed with easy to understand illustrations and many photos taken over time, of our commercial system, equipment, fish and plants. Its a must have companion when you embark on your aquaponics journey. To purchase click here 

Ultimately, we want to share our knowledge with as many people as possible, through as many channels as possible, to help grow the Aquaponics industry in Southern Africa. People need to know how to grow their own food for a healthier life.

Check out when we will be presenting our next Aquaponics Course by clicking here