Bulls Blood Beetroot Microgreens Seeds - 70g Tube

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Bulls Blood Beetroot is the deepest red beetroot you can find. Such is the red colour that Bulls Blood Beetroot is the only red colourant that Norwegian food manufactures are allowed to use. With its typical beetroot flavour and deep red colour, Bulls Blood beetroot is a superb addition to your gourmet dishes.

Often grown as a Microgreen and harvested as a garnish or as a speciality baby-leaf ingredient. Bulls Blood is in great demand with health conscious consumers looking for a carotenoid and flavonoid rich boost in their diets. Best eaten raw for the highest nutritional value.

Simple to grow, sow thickly and cover with fine soil. They will be ready to start harvesting in 10-14 days.


Packed by weight, settling and separation may occur.


70 grams of Bulls Blood seed can cover up to 2 Professional Microgreens Trays (each measuring 50cm x 25cm)  if 35-40 grams are used per tray. You can of course increase the density of the seeds in the tray to your liking.