JBL Multi Test Combo Kit - 6 Tests, incl. Iron

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The JBL Multi Test Combo Kit tests up to 6 water parametes inclusive of iron (Fe).. The other parameters are Nitrite (NO2), Nitrate (NO3), Carbon Dioxide (CO2), pH and Water Hardness (KH). Supplied in a plastic carry Test case for convenience. Can be used for all freshwater fish tanks and aquaponics systems. 


Monitors the water values in fish tanks, aquariums and aquaponics systems in a reliable manner. Determines: pH value, carbonate hardness, iron, nitrite, nitrate, CO2 (calculation via table)

  • Easy to use: syringe for exact measurement of the water quantity, detailed instructions for use
  • Laboratory comparator system to compensate the inherent water colouring, analysis record sheet, instructions for problem solving, CO2 table
  • Child-proof bottles, water-proof plastic case, refillable kit
  • Package contents: 1 test case for planted aquariums, 5 reagents, 3 glass vials, syringe, dosing spoon, comparator block, plastic cuvette, colour charts, analysis record sheets, instructions

Ensure healthy water conditions in your fish tank or aquaponics system at all times. The right water values are dependent on the fish stock and the plants in the aquarium. To maintain all in balance, you may need to test up to twice weekly. Clear water does not mean it is not contaminated. Poor water quality can lead to disease or algae. With the JBL Multi Test Combo kit you can determine the 5 most important water values in your fish tank.

Precise measurement of the following values:
pH test: acidity of the water from 3.0 to 10
KH test: pH stability of the water (carbonate hardness)
Fe test: iron value to control the fertilisation
NO2 test: toxic nitrogen compound
NO3 test: reason for algae growth

To determine the CO2 content you just need to measure the pH and KH values. From both values arises the CO2 content in the water, which then can be referenced from the enclosed table.

You can analyse your measured water values in the JBL Online Laboratory free of charge and receive recommendations.


KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. Not for consumption. If swallowed contact a physician immediately. In case of contact with skin wash with plenty of water. In case of contact with eyes, wash eyes immediately with of water and contact a physician immediately.