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Ki Micro Media Koi Ponds

K1 Micro Filter media is the award winning filtration media manufactured in the UK.

Most Koi and Aquaculture enthusiast already know the benefits that this media brings to their ponds and tanks. Improved cleaning and biofiltration for crystal clear wate.


K1 Micro Media has evolved from twenty years of extensive research and development by Evolution Aqua into moving bed filter technology and offers an improvement on existing K1.


Outstanding Protected Specific Surface Area of 950m2 per m3, compared to only 500m3/m3 for the original and bigger K1 media

• Provides a much large surface area for bacteria to colonise

• Increased protection for the bio-film

• Provides mechanical and biological filtration

• Reduces back pressure on pumps

• Improved solids handling ( can also act as a mechanical media when used in Bubble Bead filters and other polishing filters such as Tempest

• Increased flow rate

• Ideal for use in bead filters, conventional pond filters, marine and freshwater aquarium filters

• Improved cleaning




Frequently Asked Questions

What is the diameter of K1 and K1 Micro Media?
The K1 media has a diameter of 10.5mm and the K1 Micro has a diameter of 7mm

What is the length of K1 and K1 Micro?
The K1 media is 8mm long and the K1 Micro is 9mm in length.

What is the protected surface area of K1 and K1 Micro?
K1 has a protected surface area of 500m² per m³ and K1 Micro has a total surface area of 950m² per m³
Are both K1 and K1 Micro suitable for mechanical filtration?
Yes, both K1 and K1 Micro are suitable for mechanical filtration, due to its compact size K1 Micro is usually preferred
Are both K1 and K1 Micro suitable for biological filtration?
Yes, both K1 and K1 Micro are suitable for biological filtration, K1 is usually preferred in biological filters like you would find on a pond. K1 Micro is ideal for static or moving bed filters on aquariums
What is the benefit of a moving bed?
Moving bed media has many advantages over traditional static bed filters including a huge surface area which is always exposed to maximum oxygen and food for the bacteria, self cleaning media as it tumbles, and the world famous protected surface area, enabling bacteria and higher organisms to dwell .
How do I work out how much media I will need for my aquarium?
In a moving bed chamber - You would want no more than 25% of the chamber to be filled with K1 as this allows enough water to help it to be fluidised properly.
Ki Micro Media Koi Ponds