Koi Life Algae Control - 200g for 20 000l pond

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Koi Life Algae control comprises active enzymes that get to work on algae biomass in murky fish ponds.

This 200 gram container is designed for 20 000 l fish ponds.  If you have smaller ponds use 10 grams (two heaped teaspoons) for every 1000 litres.

How to Apply

  1. Calculate the volume of your pond (i.e. length (m) x width (m) x height (m), then multiply by 1000 to get to litres
  2. Mix the right amount of powder in a bucket of water, based on the water volume in your pond or tank. Spread evenly around the pond.
  3. Ensure that the fish pond is well aerated and that water is circulating unhindered through your filtration system
  4. We recommend that your Koi Pond also be fitted with a UV light to help eradicate pathogens and micro algae.


Keep in mind that Koi Life Algae Control is not formulated for ponds with no water circulation. It is also not designed to replace mechanical or bio filtration required in your Koi pond or Fish pond depending on the amount of biomass in the pond.

Do not store in your food pantry and keep out of reach of children. Also keep out of natural water sources.

Koi Life Algae control is harmless to fish, bird life and invertebrates. Also harmless to most aquatic plants.