Pond Medic Bio Sparkle 2kg – TREATS 200 000L

Pond Medic
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Pond medic bio sparkle conditions & clears your pond / aquarium water by:

– Reducing ammonia & nitrate levels
– Decomposing sludge
– Eliminating impurities
– Aids in algae control

Because of it’s unique mixture of clay based filtering agents combined with enzymes, “bio sparkle” will improve your filtering capacity resulting in clearer & better water quality which in turn will improve your fish’s appetite, growth & general condition.  A must for starting a new pond or aquarium.



Ponds & Aquaria:
– 1gr / 100 litre – 1 level teaspoon = 5gr
– dissolve in cup of pond water & pour onto pond surface

– 1gr / 100 litre weekly

New Pond Aquarium:
– 2gr / 100 litre weekly for 4 weeks

Water Change:
– 2gr / 100 litre in change