Ultrazap Automated Solar Fish Feeder

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The Ultrazap Automatic Solar feeder for Koi Fish Ponds or Aquaculture farms, takes the feeding chore out of your hands without the need for an electricity supply.

Can handle most fish feed up to 3-5mm granule size

Below are the setup instruction so you can get a feel of the parameters you are able to program:

• Set the current time first by using the (H) and (M) buttons

• Press the (P) Program button to start the programming (check that all days of the week are selected to repeat every day)
• When in program you can set the on time and off time.
Program 1: “On” at 09:00 and “Off” at 09:01
Program 2: “On” at 12:00 “Off” at 12:01
Program 3: “On” at 17:00 “Off” at 17:01

• Press the (H) Hour button to set the hour and (M) Minute button to set the minutes for the “on time” eg. “On” at 09;00
• Press (P) Program again to set the “Off time”
• Press (H) button for the hour (time of feed) and (M) Minute button ( This sets the duration of time that the feeder will dispense food for) eg. “Off” 09:01. This will set the feeder to dispense food for 1 minute.
• You can program the feeder to run multiple times per 24hr cycle which will repeat daily if all days are selected.

NB! Make sure that the “off time” corresponds with the “on time” on the same day. Ie. you don’t want it to be on from Monday 09:00 – Tuesday 09:01
Make sure all days are selected so that it will be on Monday 09:00 and off Monday 09:01 and will repeat for every other day of the week.

NB! Timer must be kept on AUTO