Vitality Mix Microgreens Seeds - 200g Tube

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Vitality Mix

(Brassica, Medicago, Foeniculum, Linum, Fagopyrum and Trifolium spp)

This Vitality Mix package contains a special blend of Alfalfa, Flax seed, Black Mustard, Fennel, Clover and Buckwheat.

The mix has been designed to provide high levels of proteins, minerals, vitamins, both mucilage and raw fibre as well as the essential Omega 3 and 6 oils.

Note that the Flax produces high levels of mucilage in the first few days, so take care to rinse well. Both the husks of the fennel and buckwheat should be consumed as they are exceptionally high in valuable dietary fibre.

You can sprout seeds ready to eat in 3-4 days. Having a party on Sunday? Start the sprouting process on Wednesday or Thursday

If you prefer for them to grow into microgreens, then wait 10-14 days and then devour the tasty baby microgreen plants for a mineral rich infusion to surely make your taste buds dance.




Packed by weight, settling and separation may occur. Please shake before use.


To grow them as a microgreen, spread the seeds at the bottom of a microgreens tray. Spray with water 2-3 times daily. Cover the tray for the first 2 days, then introduce light for photosynthesis to occur and turn the plant green. Eat after 10-14 days as an addition to a green salad, stir fry or any other dish. 



For Microgreen Trays, with a cocopeat mat to properly support the plant  (click here for Microgreen Kit