Digital pH & Temperature Meter (PH828) - Rechargeable Battery

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It is extremely important that the water in an Aquaponics and Hydroponics system is always at the correct pH level. The PH828 Digital pH and Temperature meter measures pH and temperature and ensures accurate readings. 


  • Water pH and temperature meter pen with 0.01 resolution.
  • Testing Range 0~14 pH
  • pH Accuracy 0.05pH
  • Callibation Buffer: 4.01pH, 7.00pH, 10.01pH or Custom
  • Temperature Range 0~60C
  • Temp Compensation: Automatic
  • Electrode Type: Standard Round Bulb
  • Waterproof Class IP 65
  • Colour LCD
  • Li 3.7V Rechargeable Battery


Supplied With:

  • Soft Zip-up case
  • Standard Electrode
  • Powder Buffer Sachets
  • USB Charging Cable and Manual