Digital Salinity & Temperature Meter (AR8212) - Rechargeable Battery

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This digital salinity meter (AR8212) is crucial for measuring the concentration of salts in soil and water. High salinity levels can be detrimental to plant growth, leading to reduced yields, stunted growth, and even plant death. A salinity meter helps farmers and growers monitor and manage soil salinity, ensuring optimal conditions for their crops.

Why Salinity Matters
Soil salinity affects plant water uptake, nutrient availability, and microbial activity. Excessive salts can alter soil structure, reduce water infiltration, and increase soil erosion. Accurate salinity measurement is vital for making informed decisions about irrigation, fertilization, and crop selection.

Benefits of Salinity Meters
Salinity meters provide quick and accurate readings, enabling farmers to:


  • Monitor soil salinity levels and adjust irrigation strategies accordingly
  • Optimize fertilizer application to minimize salt buildup
  • Select salt-tolerant crops or varieties suitable for saline conditions
  • Identify areas with high salinity and take corrective measures


  • Salinity Resolution:  1ppm, 0.01 / 0.1ppt
  • Salinity Range: 0~50ppt (NaCl)
  • Callibation Buffer: 0, 7ppt, 40ppt
  • Temperature Range 0~60C
  • Temp Compensation: Automatic
  • Electrode Type: 2 Pin K=1
  • Waterproof Class IP 65
  • Colour LCD
  • Li 3.7V Rechargeable Battery


Supplied With:

  • Soft Zip-up case
  • Standard K=1 probe
  • Powder Buffer Sachets
  • USB Charging Cable and Manual