Digital EC/TDS & Temperature Meter (AR8211) - Rechargeable Battery

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Having this EC/TDS and temperature meter (AR8211) in aquaponics, sandponics and hydroponics is crucial for measuring the strength or concentration of the nutrient solution. This meter takes the guesswork out of feeding plants, ensuring they receive the right amount of nutrients for optimal growth.

EC stands for Electrical Conductivity, which measures how well a material conducts electricity. In hydroponics, EC measures the amount of nutrients in the solution, primarily made up of mineral salts that are good conductors of electricity.

TDS stands for Total Dissolved Solids, measuring the number of dissolved solids in a liquid. In hydroponics, TDS is relevant because nutrients become the dissolved solids in the reservoir. The measurement is reported as PPM or 'Parts Per Million'.

Why EC is Preferred
It's safer to use EC values to measure nutrients in the hydroponic reservoir. There are different ways to convert EC to PPM, which can result in varying measurements. Using EC ensures consistent and accurate results, regardless of the meter used.

Measuring TDS and EC
Both TDS and EC can be measured with. A TDS meter is essentially an EC meter with a built-in conversion system. However, the conversion factor used can vary, leading to different results. This meter can measure both EC or TDS.

Relationship Between TDS & EC
TDS gives an accurate idea of the amount of solids dissolved in water, while EC provides a clear picture of the concentration of salts in water. In an aquaponics system, EC measurements are important for indicating the presence of salts, which can affect plant health.

In summary, having an EC/TDS meter is essential for hydroponic and aquaponic/sandponic growers to accurately measure the nutrient concentration in their systems. While both EC and TDS provide valuable information, EC is generally preferred due to its consistency and accuracy.


  • EC Resolution with 0.01.
  • EC Range: 0~19.99 mS/cm
  • TDS Range: 0~19.99 ppt
  • EC Accuracy ±3% FS ±1 digit
  • Callibation Buffer: 0, 1413uS, 12.88mS
  • Temperature Range 0~60C
  • Temp Compensation: Automatic
  • Electrode Type: 2 Pin K=1
  • Waterproof Class IP 65
  • Colour LCD
  • Li 3.7V Rechargeable Battery


Supplied With:

  • Soft Zip-up case
  • Standard K=1 probe
  • Powder Buffer Sachets
  • USB Charging Cable and Manual