JBL PH Test Kit (3-10pH) – 50 Tests

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In order to keep you fish happy and less stressed within your aquaponic system, it is essential to avoid rapid pH swings.

Managing your pH levels is just as important within your aquaponics systems as it is with hydroponic or aquaculture systems. However, within aquaponic systems it is a little trickier as there are three living biological constituencies that need to be considered in an eco-system: plants, fish, and bacteria. Plants within the eco-system prefer a more acidic pH level (5.0-6.5), fish and bacteria prefer a more alkaline pH (7.5-8.5). Therefore within aquaponic systems it is important to compromise between the pH levels with the ideal pH level ranging between 6.8 and 7.0.

The JBL pH test kit is a quick, accurate and easy to use test kit that will give you instant colour readings. It is able to measure the acidity and alkalinity that currently exists within your eco-system and covers a range of pH 3.0 to pH 10.0.

The JBL pH test kit allows for approximately 50 tests.  It is suitable for aquaponic systems, hydroponic systems, and aquaculture systems.