Porous Drip Irrigation Soaker Hose (13mm) - 100 m Length

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The Porous Drip Irrigation Soaker Hose soaks an area of at least 50cm on either side of it. Ideal for drip irrigation in aquaponics and hydroponics, as well as flower beds in your garden and even your lawn.


You can connect it to a Water Timer and let it water your vegetables and garden daily or weekly, directly to the roots, saving time and water and reducing loss due to evaporation. 

You can place the Porous Soaker house above ground, such as flower beds and aquaponics or hydroponics media beds, or you could bury the porous hose in the ground (300-400mm)



This Hose could also be used as an air-hose in fish tank, fish ponds or Hydroponic or Aquaponic Deep Water culture grow beds


It  uses 13mm connectors and attachments


Pipe Size : 13mm Inside Diameter, 17 mm Outside Diameter

Colours : Black

Material : Recycled Rubber

Length : 100m