Sprout Lids - Twin Pack

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Sprouts make for the most delicious and nutritious meal or salad.

These sprout lids fit on most standard mason jars.

Its really easy to grow your own sprouts instead of paying small fortunes at the supermarket.

This is how to sprout seeds and beans:

  1. Get a mason jar
  2. Add some sprouting seeds or beans to the bottom of the jar. 3 table spoons should be fine
  3. Soak the beans or seeds Seeds in water overnight in the mason jar. 
  4. In the morning drain and rinse the seeds using the sprout lids. 
  5. Repeat the rinse and drain every 6-12 hours, making sure the seeds don't dry out in between
  6. Harvest the sprouts to whatever size you prefer and store in the fridge
  7. Enjoy your sprouts on their own, or as a crunchy addition to your salad








We sell a variety of sprouting seeds, such as Vitality Mix and the popular sunflower seeds.