Rockwool Mat for Microgreens (50cm x 20cm)

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The Rockwool Matt is ideal for microgreens and for bulk seed germination. This rockwool mat is inert and high absorbent.  Root growth is not impeded in any way as can be seen by the photos and the video

PLEASE NOTE: If you are going to use our Professional Microgreens Trays, there will be a 2.5 cm gap on either side. This is because the blocks we cut from are only 20 cm wide. You can however fill the gap if required by simply cutting 5cm wide strips off another mat. We found that this is not necessary in most cases.


microgreens-rockwool-mat-4-.png microgreens-rockwool-mat-1-.png


Healthy Root system growing unimpeded through the rockwool mat 

 Roots growing on rockwool mat - microgreens  root growth rockwool microgreens mat


 Dimensions: 50 cm x 25 cm x 1.5 cm deep